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Our Trip to Croke Park which included Travel Training. (2nd July 2015)

September 10th, 2015

Our Trip to Croke Park which included Travel Training. (2nd July 2015)

Miriam Buckley & I (Maureen O Shea) boarded the train in Thurles, Sarah Scully, Tina Hynes, Lisa Quigley & the clients boarded the train in Templemore. We eventually got to Houston station and then we got the Luas into O Connell Street.

We got the no 13 bus out to Drumcondra, then we walked down Jones Road to Croke Park, we went in the wrong entrance to Croke Park unfortunately. Then we had to walk up to the traffic lights again, and then we found the right entrance. We went in under the stand & we saw 2 Hugh Hurley’s.

Then we saw where the president of Ireland & the Taoiseach park their cars. Then we were brought into the Tipperary changing room.

We saw the jerseys hanging up, then we went out to the warm up room and the tour guide told us that there was netting on the ceiling to protect the lights as they kept getting broken and there was Perspex on the windows as they kept getting broken as well.

Then we were brought pitch side, and we were brought up to the presentation area, we got our photos taken up there. We also saw where the subs sit. Then we went up on as escalator to a higher area. We also saw the Opel room where the VIP guests go. This is called this as it is owned by Opel cars. We also saw very expensive delph, knives and forks lay out on the tables as the VIP guest go there.

Then we went out to a viewing area and we saw the whole city of Dublin. Then we went down an escalator again and we had tea and biscuits in the café. Then we walked up Jones road. We got the no 13 bus again into O Connell Street. Then we waited for the traffic lights to change to the green man to cross the road.