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Community and Fire Safety talk

March 5th, 2019

Community and Fire Safety talk at St. Cronans

RT Group with Senior Fire Officer at the recent Community and Fire Safety talk

On the 15th of February Senior Officer Martin Moore from Tipperary Fire & Rescue Services gave a presentation to the R.T group on community safety and safety in the home.  This is important information to support maximising independence within the home and community.  The session was delivered under Support Number 5 of New Directions – Support for maximising independence.

St Cronans use an evidence based assessment tool “This is how I manage” with all RT participants. The results of this assessment tool identify where people require additional supports and the results are used to formulate the annual curriculum for the Rehabilitation Training programme, so that the programme is tailored to meet the actual needs of those who study with us. This curriculum consists of three core strands of focus:

  1. Life at home
  2. Relationships, Work & Leisure
  3. Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Each core strand consists of many modules and as part of Health, Safety & Wellbeing 2 main areas were highlighted and covered by the Fire and Rescue Services.  

  • Identifing dangerous situations.
  • Calling for Help.   

The talk/presentation presented by Martin Moore supported this learning goal and the information presented was visual in content so that it was accessible and easy to understand.

Thanks to Martin and the Tipperary Fire and Rescue Service for supporting our work.